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Application Notes

Validating STIL Files Before Sending to Test Team

STIL files that are unvalidated could contain hidden issues downstream and only be discovered late by the test team on the physical tester. Not only the time span can be lengthy and causing schedule slippage, but also the problems are more expensive to fix; let alone having a process that is not efficient. TSSI’s high performance software tools have unique capabilities to automate this pre-silicon validation process  [READ MORE>>>]

Re-simulating ATE Pattern with Conditional Delayed Start

Often time a test pattern exercises one function of the device-under-test (DUT).  If the pattern is re-used at different logic cone within a design, some device initialization needs to take place before the pattern can be applied. [READ MORE>>>]

Optimizing ATE Resources for ATPG Patterns

ATPG patterns today often feature clock signals declared as extensions to default timing in STIL files.  Hence, these clock signals use transitional ATE formats NRZ and RZ/R1.  This applications note describes one methodology to achieve that goal in a TSSI tool.  [Download PDF >>>]

Optimizing Timing Across Multiple ATPG Files from DFT

DFT teams often deliver many ATPG files in the standard file format such as WGL or STIL for testing the same device.  Not only it's beneficial to have an automated process to convert all of these EDA files, but also crucial to produce a single master time set for the target ATE to achieve the best test time of the device.


This applications note describes the NI STS as the target ATE.  To target a different ATE, simply drop in the corresponding TesterBridge.  [Download PDF >>>]


Free Downloads

The WGL standard specification

WGL stands for Waveform Generation Language created by TSSI in the 1980s.  It's the de-facto standard language for design to interface with test, especially in the design-for-test ATPG tools environment.  Together with IEEE Std 1450-1999 (STIL) and its extensions, WGL and STIL are currently the most popular languages for ATPG tools to send cycle-based test patterns to test teams. The most recent revision to the WGL spec is in 2017.  [Download Spec Here >>>]

Archived Releases
QuickStart Test Cases

STIL to Catalyst Scenario                      [stil-catalyst.tgz]

STIL to V93000 Scenario                       [stil-v93000.tgz]

STIL to ASCII Scenario                          [stil-ascii.tgz]

STIL to Chroma 3360 Scenario             [stil-chroma3360.tgz]

Frequently Asked Questions

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