Vector translation tool of choice by NI Customers
TD-ScanPro is a result of the collaboration between TSSI and NI to enable test engineers to import standard EDA formats such as WGL, STIL, VCD, and EVCD to the latest NI STS digital pattern format (.digipat, .digitiming, .digilevel, and specs).
Features and Benefits:
  • Suports both the new PXIe 6570/1 patterns, and the older PXIe 654x/655x/656x waveforms
  • A single pattern conversion job can be done on a laptop, or a batch of hundreds of patterns can be submitted to a server farm 

  • Flow-based self-documented graphical programming is similar to LabVIEW usage, yet can also be executed in a command line batch process

  • A comprehensive utility library for data management, conditioning, and viewing to fit any functional and scan patterns to the NI STS platform

  • Low cost perpetual licensing model for the Windows OS

  • Download, install, and start generating NI patterns in minutes

  • Purchase online 24/7


What's New in v2021.0

  • Turbo charged cyclization engines.  Processing large VCD/EVCD files is much faster with Verilog-InConverter and Cyclizer Conditioner combo to perform multi-threaded parallel processing

  • STIL Optimizer.  STIL-InConverter is now equipped with timing optimizer to unified various semantics of STIL standard and optimize timing resource for the ATE platform, and still able to process large scan chain of 200k cells or greater in length

  • Auto-compile of NI STS Digital Pattern.  NI-STS TesterBridge will automatically compile all patterns generated in a directory

  • Enhanced TimeTable.  Equations can be specified all in one place.  Cycle length can be specified using frequency.  Why not?  Some folks think in MHz vs nano seconds.

  • Much much more.  Download your latest v2021.0 TD-ScanPro today!