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Solstice-TDS Modules

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Package Description:

  • Solstice for Advantest.  EDA* to V93000 SmarTest 7 and SmarTest 8 (**).

  • Solstice for Aemulus.  EDA to Aemulus 4600.

  • Solstice for Chroma.  EDA to Chroma 33XX and 36XX.

  • Solstice for Cohu.  EDA to Unison 1709 for DiamondX and X-Series (**).

  • Solstice for Keysight.  EDA to M9193.

  • Solstice for Teradyne.  EDA to J750, Flex, UltraFLEX.

*EDA includes WGL, STIL, VCD, EVCD, and SVF

** These packages are for Linux only.  The rest are for the Windows OS.

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