Optional.  Simulation Analysis Module.  This is an add-on module to process simulation output events (e.g., VCD or EVCD format).  It needs Solstice Core module (SOL-CORE).  Contents:

  • Simulation events conditioning library.  Remove glitches, align transitions, min-max, guard-banding, adding equations to transitions for shmoo timing, conditional strobe placement are some of the popular conditioning capabilities.
  • Waveform Analysis Tool: fast and exhaustive analyzer to automatically extract timing, cyclize simulation events, and generate test patterns.
  • Solstice TimeTable Spreadsheet Interface

Solstice-TDS Simulation Analysis Module Monthly Subscription

    • Solstice-TDS Core Module (SOL-CORE)
    • Linux CentOS 6.2 or later, or Redhat 5 or later

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