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Solstice for Chroma 3680 Perpetual License

Solstice for Chroma 3680 SOC/Analog Test Systems.


A single module Windows-based software.  Supports Windows 7/8/10.  Node-locked license for usage on a single machine.  Key capabilities:


  • Reads VCD, EVCD, WGL, and STIL
  • Cyclizes VCD and EVCD events for timing extraction
  • Writes ATE files for the Chroma 3680 test system
  • Provides powerful waveform viewer and intuitive graphical interface for interactive editing
  • Supports both GUI and Batch operations
  • Assigns device channel with customizable system board layout automatically based on customer configuration

Solstice for Chroma 3680 Perpetual License

SKU: SOL-C3680-P
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