Optional.  Pattern Validation Module.  This is an add-on module to perform pattern validation functionalities.  It needs Solstice Core Module (SOL-CORE).  Contents:

  • Solstice-PV.  Testbench generation with automatic DUT and test pattern pin mapping
  • Pin Mapping Assistant to map pins with name discrepancies
  • Failure Analysis (FA) Package.  Reads/writes standard error logs (STDF) for collating tester failure locations with original test patterns
  • Verilog Simulation Controls.  Supports Cadence IUS, Mentor Questa, and Synopsys VCS.
  • Verilog Testbench Synthesizer.  Generates ASCII stimulus/responses for testbench.
  • Pattern Batch Tools.  replace_pattern, signal_edit, strobe_edit, scan_flatten, and add_equation.

Solstice-TDS PatternValidation Module Monthly Subscription

    • Solstice-TDS Core Module (SOL-CORE)
    • Linux CentOS 6.2 or later, or Redhat 5 or later
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