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Solstice for Teradyne Perpetual License

A single module Windows-based software.  Supports Windows 7/8.x/10.  Node-locked license for usage on a single machine.  Key capabilities:


  • Reads WGL, STIL, VCD, EVCD and 30+ legacy formats
  • Facilitates high-speed ATE programming for J750, FLEX, UltraFLEX (Extend, Normal, Quad), or UltraFLEXplus (TSSI will ask for which tester model upon order receipt)
  • Provides powerful and feature rich interactive waveform editor
  • Intuitive graphical interface for interactive setup of test flows
  • Fastest VCD/EVCD cyclization engine: auto discover timings and ATE formats
  • Instant verification of converted patterns against EDA source
  • Supports both GUI and Batch operations

Solstice for Teradyne Perpetual License

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