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Solstice-TDS Utility Module Monthly Subscription

Optional.  Utility Library Module.  This is an add-on module containing various utilities in data analysis and management throughout the pattern conversion process.

  • Simulation Rules Checker (SRC). The SRC Utility examines simulator output and rapidly checks its suitability for test development according to a set of rules specified by the design or product team who's familiar with the device under test.
  • Tester Rules Checker (TRC). The TRC utility determines whether a TDS WDB (cyclized database) complies with a set of tester-specific timing and shape requirements.
  • DC Search. The DC Search Utility examines a TDS SEF database (from VCD/EVCD) and searches for the best times at which to apply DC parametrics tests.
  • Search. The Search Utility is used to ensure that a test program exercises all of a device's pins, in all important combinations, using as few vectors as possible.
  • Histogram. The Histogram Utility accumulates information about signals contained in a TDS SEF database (from VCD/EVCD) and generates a report of that signal information in a tabular format.

Solstice-TDS Utility Module Monthly Subscription

    • Solstice-TDS Core Module (SOL-CORE)
    • Linux CentOS 6.2 or later, or Redhat 5 or later
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