TD-ScanPro™, the vector translation tool of choice by NI customers, has a new release v2020.2

Updated: Jul 18, 2020

Just in time to celebrate with the new NI (formerly National Instruments), TSSI releases the latest v2020.2 of the leading vector translation tool, TD-ScanPro, which converts EDA formats such as WGL, STIL, VCD, EVCD, SVF (and over 30 older formats) to the NI STS digital patterns or older HWS waveform format.

Key additions include:

  • Turbo charged cyclization engine. Processing large VCD/EVCD files is equipped with the new multi-threaded parallel processing engine

  • STIL Optimizer. STIL patterns generated by various DFT tools are not the same. They are also not optimized for ATE's limited timing resources. TD-ScanPro can optimize timing usages and processing time especially with large scan chains

  • Auto-compilation of NI STS ASCII digital pattern to binary form ready for loading

Download the latest TD-ScanPro today at

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