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TSSI at International Test Conference (ITC) 2023 Hybrid/Disneyland Oct 8-13, 2023

  1. Booth #317 (by the Lounge area)

  2. Can't attend? Our virtual booth is here

  3. We're showing the leading vector translation features:

  • All tools integrated in one graphical user interface. Less typing = less typos!

  • See your data being transformed at every step of the way. No guess work!

  • ATE patterns can be read back into waveforms for instant comparison with the original WGL/STIL/VCD/EVCD source.

  • Push-buttoned generation of your ATE patterns back to a FAST and SMALL Verilog test bench for playback!

  • See a real TSSI Virtual Tester embedded inside an ATE software adding a Virtual mode for easy validation along side the physical mode!

  • More product information [...]

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