Worldwide Customer Service

TSSI provides world class support via our US-based call center, online support, and global distribution.


Why does TSSI have the largest install base in the world?

TSSI provides design and test engineers with the most reliable, simple, and cost-effective tools proven to speed up the design to test development process. Being the first company to provide commercial design-to-test solutions, our technology is based on over 40 years of experience and the accumulation of real-life test cases used by design and test teams around the world—on all different types of devices.

Innovative Product Development with Disciplined Quality Management Process

  • Technology leadership—we pioneered Waveform Generation Language (WGL) in the early 80's
  • TSSI is innovative in bringing test automations to design for first-pass successes
  • Rigorous software engineering methodology—code review, standardization is the TSSI advantage
  • Exhaustive regression test analysis based on successful testing generations of devices

Seamless Integration

  • TSSI software is built to plug and play
  • Designed to work in concert with your existing test environment
  • TSSI software suite supports the broadest EDA and ATE platforms

Time & Cost Savings

  • Our tools convert design output into test patterns without typing complex proprietary commands
  • Product teams achieve accurate, reliable verification of test patterns
  • Pay only for what you need, when you need it with our 24/7 online store

Clear Accountable Management Structure

  • We are not a startup, and our management structure is clearly defined for accountability and responsiblity of a world class vendor
  • Our core team and network of representatives worldwide support and protect customer investment for over 40 years

When you choose TSSI, you are choosing a partner with deep domain knowledge, successful track record, battle tested technologies, a team of technologists disciplined in quality management process, and an experienced management team with fiscal responsibilities translating to solid financial foundation to protect customers investment decades after decades.