Powerful Low-Cost Vector Translation Software for the Windows Operating System



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Version: 2019.2

Updated: June 2019


Pricing and Licensing Terms:

What's New:

  • Genertae NI STS's new SCAN feature.  Works with NI's Pattern Editor v19.0
  • Program NI STS's new 2X Edge Multiplier capability
  • Incremental processing of numerous STIL/WGL files producing optimized timing sets
  • Powerful [Auto-Detect] mode for NI STS/655x Sample Clocks
  • TimeTable, Fastest VCD/EVCD cyclization utility
  • STIL Reader/Writer enhancements 

System Requirements: 

  • Windows 7/8.x/10
  • Minimum 3GB RAM, 3GHz CPU 

Licensing Models:

  • Node Locked to one PC
  • Perpetual with annual maintenance support
  • (Floating license by request only with special arrangement)

Partner's Resource:

NI's Developer Zone and User Group:

  • TSSI User Group on NI Forum [Go there >>>]
  • Find LabVIEW's TSSI API Here: White Paper on Using TSSI TD-SCAN for NI High-Speed Digital Devices [More >>>]
  • Designing Semiconductor ATE with PXIe-6556 Digital ATE Module [More >>>]
  • NI PXI Semiconductor Suite Expands Measurement Capabilities for Chip Test [More >>>]

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TD-ScanPro™ for NI is a result of the collaboration between TSSI and National Instruments to enable test engineers to import standard EDA formats such as WGL, STIL, VCD, and EVCD to the latest NI STS digital pattern format (.digipat, .digitiming, .digilevel, and specs).

TD-ScanPro™ for NI is also the next generation of TD-Scan™ and TD-Sim™, which customers use to generate the waveform-based format (.hws) for the PXIe 654x/655x/656x instruments.

The advantages of TD-ScanPro™ are:

  • Supports both the newer PXIe 6570 patterns, and the older PXIe 654x/655x/656x waveforms.
  • Scalability. A single pattern conversion job can be done on a laptop, or a batch of hundreds of patterns can be submitted to a server farm. 
  • Flow-based self-documented graphical user interface is similar to LabVIEW usage, yet can be executed in a command line batch process
  • Runs on both Windows and Linux platforms.
  • Database and API.  TD-ScanPro™  keeps patterns in a compact and robust database which allows reusability, and flexibility in data migration, and data customization.

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