International Test Conference

 International Test Conference, Santa Clara, California, USA , October 22-26, 2006 - TSSI, as an ITC gold sponsor, presents on Tuesday, Oct 24. Topic: "Who Tested Your Test Tools?".

Emphasizing on being 100% independent, TSSI President & CEO, Hau Lam, promotes the newly announced partnership with Toshiba Microelectronics which enables a new test development flow in an interview with Rich Nelson, Chief Editor of Test and Measurement World.

Listen to the interview.

 TSSI's Corporate Presentation at ITC 2006


"Who Tested Your Test Tools?"
If for every project, your test engineers spent time debugging, fixing, or waiting for the next patch release of their test tools, the consistency and quality of your test are at risk, so are the true cost-of-ownership of the tools and their productivity.
Find out why TSSI Pattern Conversion and Validation Tools are proven by design and test teams around the world for more than 25 years to support leading ATE, old and new.

Tuesday, October 24, 2006.