TSSI Partners with Toshiba Microelectronics and ATE Service Corporation

Portland, Oregon--(MARKET WIRE)--August 28, 2006--Test Systems Strategies Incorporated (TSSI(TM)) today announced a partnership with Toshiba Microelectronics Corporation (a design engineering company and a wholly owned subsidiary of Toshiba Corporation), and ATE Service Corporation.

The partnership will focus on new design-to-test development flows where design teams can achieve full test program generation and validation before device tape-outs.

Although design-to-test methodologies have long been established in large Integrated Device Manufacturing (IDM) companies, most place heavy constraints on design and test teams to achieve automation and standardization. These methodologies are not only compromising a device’s functionality, but are also highly proprietary and costly to enhance, maintain, and integrate with best-in-class technologies in the market.

The new design-to-test flows by the three companies will be based around an IEEE 1450 standard language, Standard Test Interface Language, commonly known as STIL, and will enable design engineers to generate test programs and validate them against their designs before transferring them to test teams.

“Our customers are the product teams who count on the precious minutes and seconds to get working test programs before their chip arrives. They demand solid test tools with the most efficient and proven methodologies,” said Hau Lam, President and CEO at TSSI. “TSSI’s leading technologies have a successful track record with the largest installed base in the industry. This partnership allows TSSI to take our leading edge technologies to the next level with further production proven by the vast user community at Toshiba before hitting the market.”

“The quality and time saving from the new design-to-test development flow for Toshiba will be very significant,” said Kiyofumi Ochii, Senior Vice President at Toshiba Microelectronics Corporation. “We are very pleased to partner with TSSI and ATE Service to commercialize it worldwide.”

“In the last twenty years of providing test development services, this is the first time we will have a tool that can generate full test programs without compromising design flexibility,” said Rocky Kobayashi, General Manager at ATE Service Corporation. “Customers will see a tremendous advancement in design and test methodology that will produce test programs right the first time.”