TSSI Design-to-Test Tools Support Cadence Encounter Test; Collaboration Enables Test Patten Generation, Conversion and Validation in Single Environment

NTERNATIONAL TEST CONFERENCE, Austin, Texas, USA, 2005 - TSSI Design-to-Test Tools Support Cadence Encounter Test; Collaboration Enables Test Pattern Generation, Conversion and Validation in Single Environment

AUSTIN, Texas--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Nov. 7, 2005--Test Systems Strategies, Inc. (TSSI) today announced that its design-to-test tools support Cadence(R) Encounter(R) Test from Cadence Design Systems, Inc. (NASDAQ:CDNS). The collaboration between the two companies has enabled test pattern generation, conversion and validation in a single environment.

TSSI's latest Test Development Series (TDS), version 2005.0, supports a high performance pattern conversion flow from Cadence Encounter Test to all leading automatic test equipment (ATE) tester-ready formats. Subsequently, TSSI's Digital VirtualTester (DVT) software environment is used to validate the converted ATE format on a 'virtual ATE' of choice.

Virtual ATEs are ATE behavioral models simulated with a device-under-test's Verilog model for instant feedback on how the device would work on a target ATE. Cadence Encounter Test users now have virtual access to ATE at their desktop whenever needed. Debugging the interactivity between the device-under-test and the virtual-tester in the familiar simulation environment allows accessibility to all the internal nodes. This capability provides a tremendous reduction in time ensuring a higher probability of test programs being correct the first time.

"With the combination of Cadence Encounter Test, TSSI TDS and DVT, our mutual customers can deliver quality patterns to test teams not only in record time, but also with a documented flow for future reference," said Sanjiv Taneja, vice president of R&D for Encounter Test at Cadence. "The collaboration with TSSI technologies enables users to further ensure first-pass success on their target ATE greatly impacting time-to-market."

"As winning the race to market for a device is increasingly determined by ever-narrowing margins in time-to-market, quality and feature-price ratio, design and test teams must use any available advantage over the competition to win, if not to survive," said Hau Lam, president and CEO of TSSI. "Using proven technologies such as Encounter Test allows engineering teams to focus on bleeding edge challenges and win in productivity, efficiency and reliability. With this collaboration of industry leading design and test tools, Cadence customers can validate generated patterns quickly using TSSI tools on the same computing platform."