TSSI Extends Leadership in Design-to-Test Automation with Orbitx in the New Solstice-TDS 2017.1 Product Release

Beaverton, Ore., June 21, 2017 - Test Systems Strategies, Inc. (“TSSI”) today released its latest installment of the enterprise strength design-to-test pattern conversion and validation tool suite, Solstice-TDS 2017.1.
With the introduction of Orbitx(TM), the new graphical programming object built-in to Solstice-TDS 2017.1, TSSI extends the design-to-test automation technology to process hundreds of EDA files by a single flow diagram.
"Pattern conversion tasks are not complex, yet they are tedious and repetitive."  Said Hau Lam, President and CEO at TSSI.  "Any test engineer can code up a translation script from format A to format B.  However, human errors occur.  The time spent, as insignificant as a few intangible minutes, on each file or each project can accumulate to unnecessary cost overrun and delayed time-to-market.  Quality and timely test patterns to ensure shipping good devices require the right pattern conversion tool with intelligent automation."
With over four decades of translating generations of device patterns, TSSI builds "data experience" into the tools it commercializes.
To address the need for processing high data volume when converting design data format to tester-ready patterns, Orbitx enables test engineers to quickly configure their conversion flow, specify where their source files live, and the heavy lifting will be done behind the scene without the need to program a single line of code.
Furthermore, Orbitx enables:
- Auto cycle time discovery for event-based VCD files
- Auto timing comparison by names and by contents for re-use across hundreds of different sources
- Auto pattern compression and tester rules checking
- Auto tester output files management
- Unattended patch processing 
- Re-usable and self-documented flow for future projects or new users
"The overall saving is tremendous," continued Lam.  "A working flow that automates itself?  A predictable, transparent dashboard view that crunches volume of data during off-hours?  These are a few of the many productivity enhancers TSSI continues to offer to the semiconductor test community."
Orbitx is shipping now and available for free trials.  Customers on active maintenance plan will receive Orbitx for free with 2017.1 license.
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