TSSI Joins Synopsys in-Sync Program as a 3rd Party Partner Providing Test Pattern Conversion and Validation Solutions to Mutual Customers

Mountain View, California, August 25 , 2005 - TSSI joins Synopsys in-Sync Program as a 3rd party partner providing test pattern conversion and validation solutions to mutual customers. Tetramax™ and VCS™ users or their test engineering partners use TSSI Test Development Series (TDS™) tool to convert WGL, STIL, and VCD files to a target tester from Advantest, Agilent, Credence, LTX, Teradyne, or Yokogawa/Ando. TSSI Digital VirtualTester (DVT™) tool is also widely used by Synopsys customers to validate their device against test programs for design and test debugs.