TSSI Introduces Two New Low-Cost, Scalable Pattern Conversion Tools

Monday April 16, 4:00 am ET
NICE, FRANCE--(MARKET WIRE)--Apr 16, 2007 -- DATE 2007 -- Test Systems Strategies, Inc. (TSSI), the world leader in pattern conversion and validation technologies, today announced two new low-cost software products, TD-Scan(TM) and TD-Sim(TM).

Established in 1979, TSSI has historically addressed the high-end test development market with their flagship product, TDS(TM). To meet a new and growing market demand, TSSI is introducing two new low-cost software products, TD-Scan(TM) and TD-Sim(TM). Both products will be demonstrated for the first time at DATE 2007, April 16-20, at the Acropolis Exhibition Center, Nice, France. Both TD-Scan and TD-Sim are powered by the same powerful and time tested engine used by more than 1500 TDS users worldwide.

TD-Scan Supports ATPG outputs with compression technologies from Cadence, Mentor Graphics, and Synopsys

TD-Scan is designed to translate scan patterns (ATPG) in WGL or STIL format to a target ATE program format. Since scan patterns come with timing, the translation is a quick and proprietary syntax conversion process. For functional patterns in VCD or EVCD format, TD-Scan can be upgraded to TD-Sim described below. Pricing for TD-Scan starts at US$5,000 per year on a subscription basis.

TD-Sim Supports Verilog simulation outputs from leading EDA vendors

TD-Sim is designed to translate both scan patterns mentioned above and functional patterns from logic simulators in the format of VCD or EVCD event files. A waveform-based cyclization engine can automatically detect clocks and cyclize E/VCD files with a push of a button. Various filters are also available for those event files requiring conditioning before cyclization. TD-Sim's starting price is US$15,000 per year on a subscription basis.

Support All Leading ATE Platforms

Both TD-Scan and TD-Sim can be configured to support all leading ATE platforms, performing tester rule checking for each different ATE model before generating ready-to-load ATE files.


Each new test conversion project could present a new set of challenges that requires a more capable tool. An investment in a low-cost product from the TSSI Pattern Conversion Tool Suite is guaranteed upward scalability when needed.

About TSSI

Test Systems Strategies Incorporated (TSSI) is the world leader in design-to-test conversion and validation software solutions, providing products, consulting services, and de-facto standards, such as WGL(TM) (Waveform Generation Language), Test Development Series (TDS(TM)), and DVT(TM) (Digital VirtualTester) technologies, to the world's leading electronics and semiconductor companies. Web site:

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